Keziah comes form a Hebrew name meaning "cinnamon", from Hebrew qetzi'ah (cassia, cinnamon) via root word qatsa (to cut off, strip off bark). In the Bible, Keziah and her sisters, Jemima and Keren-Happuch, all received an inheritance from their father Job which was a very unusual circumstance in those days. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Kezia (English) Ketzi'ah (Hebrew)  


Cassia is the female form of Cassius, an Ancient Roman family name possibly derived from Latin cassus meaning "empty, vain". It also means "cinnamon" in Latin and Greek, deriving from Hebrew qetzi'ah (cassia, cinnamon) (where the names Keziah comes from) from root word qatsa meaning "to cut off, strip off bark". The name is pronounced either kash-uh or kas-ee-uh. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Kassia (English, …


Lakisha is a female name which is composed of the French prefix La meaning "the" combined with the given name Kisha, a variant spelling of Keisha which could be a variant spelling of Keziah meaning "cassia, cinnamon". Origin: Hebrew Variants: Lakeisha LaKisha LaKeisha Lakeshia Lakesha