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Grania is a Latinized form of Gráinne, an Irish female name of uncertain meaning though it could be derived from Old Irish grán meaning "grain" via Proto-Celtic *grānom derived from PIE *ǵr̥h₂nóm (grain). Another possible etymology is from Scottish Gaelic gráidh, the genitive singular of gràdh (love) or even from Old Irish grían (sun). Grania is also the name of a gens (the name of a Roman… Continue reading Grania

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Enya is the anglicized form of Eithne, an Irish female name meaning "kernel, grain" (though it's also been anglicized as Edna and Etna). However, some sources cite it as a feminine form of Aidan,which comes from Old Irish áed with the diminutive suffix -an meaning "little fire" or "little fiery one" although it seems to be a stretch; and it… Continue reading Enya

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Spike is an English word referring to a very large nail or a surge in power, and is often used as a nickname than an actual name. It's also an English surname, either originally derived as a nickname for a tall, thin person, or perhaps derived from Latin spica meaning "ear or a head of grain". It… Continue reading Spike