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Serket is the name of a goddess in Egyptian mythology, the goddess of fertility and healing, as well as healing venomous bites and stings, and was often depicted as a scorpion or who had the head of a scorpion. Her name can mean either "(she who) tightens the throat" or "(she who) causes the throat… Continue reading Serket

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Horus was an important god in Egyptian mythology, the god of the sun, light, sky, law and war, as well as hunting. Seen as the personal god of the reigning monarch at the time, Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis, conceived after his father's murder at the hands of his uncle Set (also spelled Seth), and who… Continue reading Horus

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Isadora is a variant spelling of Isidora, the feminine form of Isidore which comes from Ancient Greek Isidoros meaning "gift of Isis", Isis being an Egyptian goddess combined with Ancient Greek doron (gift) . Nicknames: Isa, Dora, Izzy/Izzie Origin: Ancient Egyptian, Proto-Indo-European Variants: Isidora (Ancient Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Russian, Italian, English) Izadora (English)   Male forms: Isidoros (Ancient Greek) Isidorus… Continue reading Isadora

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Seth has two separate origins: the first is that it is an Ancient Greek variant of Set, the name of an Egyptian god of chaos and the desert and the brother of Osiris and Isis. Though the meaning of Set is uncertain, some meanings prescribed to it are "pillar" or "dazzle". Seth is also a Hebrew male name possibly… Continue reading Seth