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Taru is a Finnish female name meaning "legend, myth, fiction, saga, epic" as well as also being an Estonian word meaning "beehive". Taru is also a Japanese word meaning either "barrel, cask" 樽 as a noun or as a verb "to be enough, to be sufficient" 足る. Taru is also a Japanese surname meaning "many; frequent; much + detain;… Continue reading Taru

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Inara is the name of a goddess of the hunt and wild animals in Hittite and Hurian mythology, daughter of the storm god Teshub/Tarhunt. She can easily be equated with the Greek goddess Artemis. Inara helps her father kill the dragon Illuyanka by using her mortal lover Hupasiyas to show a feast for him and when he is drunk, a rope is… Continue reading Inara

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Asherah is the name of an ancient Semitic goddess who was worhsipped in the middle east before the advent of polytheism, who features in Akkadian, Hittite, and Canaanite mythologies. She may even have at one point been worshipped as the queen consort of Yahweh and was considered Queen of the Heaven. Asherah was so popular… Continue reading Asherah