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Taru is a Finnish female name meaning "legend, myth, fiction, saga, epic" as well as also being an Estonian word meaning "beehive". Taru is also a Japanese word meaning either "barrel, cask" 樽 as a noun or as a verb "to be enough, to be sufficient" 足る. Taru is also a Japanese surname meaning "many; frequent; much + detain;… Continue reading Taru

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Inara is the name of a goddess of the hunt and wild animals in Hittite and Hurian mythology, daughter of the storm god Teshub/Tarhunt. She can easily be equated with the Greek goddess Artemis. Inara helps her father kill the dragon Illuyanka by using her mortal lover Hupasiyas to show a feast for him and when he is drunk, a rope is… Continue reading Inara