Dylana is the feminine form of Dylan, the name of a sea-god in Welsh mythology. The name derives from Welsh dy (great) and llanw (tide, flow) so it essentially means “great tide” or “great flow”. Origin: Welsh Male forms: Dylan (Welsh, English) Dillon (English) Dillan (English)  


Angharad is a Welsh female name meaning “more love” or “much loved (one”) and features in The Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh tales, the name of several figures in Welsh myth, including Angharad Golden-Hand, the lover of Peredur. Origin: Proto-Celtic  


Peredur is the name of several figures in Welsh mythology from which the name Percival may have been based upon. The name possibly means “hard spear”.  Nicknames: Perry Origin: Proto-Indo-European  


Gwydion is a Welsh male name meaning “born of trees”, a modern form of Guidgen, made up from Welsh gwŷdd (trees; plough) which comes from Proto-Brythonic *gwɨð (wood, trees) derived form Proto-Celtic *widus (wood, trees), a cognate with Proto-Germanic *widuz (wood); and Proto-Celtic *genos (family, clan; birth) derived from a PIE root word. In Welsh mythology, Gwydion is a hero and a trickster as well as…


Dillon seems like a variant spelling of Dylan at first glance, an Irish name meaning “great tide” or “great flow” and the name of a sea god in Welsh mythology, but Dillon has its own roots. There seems to be a lot of contradictory information on it: it’s an anglicized form of Gaelic surname Ó Duilleáin meaning…


Dylan is the name of a sea god on Welsh mythology, the son of Arianrhod. His name derives from Welsh dy (great) and llanw (tide, flow) so it essentially means “great tide” or “great flow”. It’s also a surname derived from the given name. Although traditionally a male name it’s been used for girls in the U.S. Origin: Welsh Variants: Dillan…


Arianrhod is t he name of a figure in Welsh mythology, the mother of Dylan ail Don and Lleu Llaw Gyffes, whom she conceived through magical means. Her name means “silver wheel” from Welsh arian (silver) and rhod (wheel), which may have hinted at an earlier association as a moon goddess. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Aranrhod (Welsh)  


Llyr is the name of the Welsh god of the seas and the father of Manannan, also a sea deity. His name comes from Welsh meaning “sea” and “ocean”. Llyr has also been connected to Lear, as in King Lear from Shakespeare’s play though it seems more likely that it derives from a different source. In Welsh, the…


Elana is a female given name with several possible origins: it could be a variant spelling of Ilana, which is the feminine form of Ilan, a Hebrew male name meaning “tree”, though it could also be a feminine form of Elon, another Hebrew male name meaning “tree, oak tree”; Elana could also be a variant form of Helena,…