Dougray is a male name which seems to have originated as a French surname. It could be a variant form of Dugarry, a French surname referring to someone from a town called Le Garry, or perhaps from another habitational surname, Duguay, referring to someone from a place called Dugay.  I've also seen it as possibly being…



Brandon is from an English surname derived from a place name meaning "hill covered with broom" from Old English brom (broom, gorse) and dun (hill), likely referring to someone who lived near a place covered with gorse or broom shrubs. However, Brandon could also be derived from Old French brandon from Frankish *brand meaning "firebrand, torch, sword" which ultimately comes from Proto-Germanic *brandaz, a…


Meaning: an English surname, meaning "stoneworker", an occupational name referring to someone who worked with stone. The word comes from Old French masson or maçon which seems to come from a Germanic source, from Frankish makjo (maker, builder; to make). Origin: Germanic Variants: Mayson Maison