Nalani is a Hawaiian unisex name (though more popular for girls) meaning “the heavens” or “the chief”, made up from nā, the plural definite article (the) and lani (sky, heavens; chief, king; royal, majesty). Origin: Hawaiian Variants: Nālani (Hawaiian)  


Oleia seems to be a variant spelling of Olea, a Latin word meaning “olive; olive tree” via Latin oleum (oil; olive oil) which comes from Ancient Greek elaíā (olive tree; olive “fruit”) which may be derived from a Pre-Greek origin. I’ve also seen it listed as deriving from a Greek origin meaning “smooth” or “one who is smooth” but I…


Ahi has several meanings depending on which etymology it derives from: it’s is a Hawaiian and Maori word meaning “fire”; Ahi is the name of a giant serpent or a dragon in Hindu mythology (also known as Vritra) who was later killed by Indra. His name in Sanskrit means “snake”; Ahi is a Hebrew male name meaning…


Leilani is a Hawaiian unisex name though it’s far more common for females than males. It means “heavenly flowers” or “royal child” made up from Hawaiian lei (lei, flowers, child) and lani (heavenly, royal). Origin: Hawaiian Variants: Heirani (Tahitian)  


Kainoa is a Hawaian unisex name, though far more popular for boys than girls. It means “the namesake” made up of ka (the) and inoa (name; namesake), though it’s also been interpreted as being composed of kai (sea) and noa (free of taboo; a commoner). Nainoa is a variant of the name with the same meaning. Origin: Hawaiian Variants: Nainoa…


Luana is a female given name that could be derived from a number of sources: it could be a combination of Lou (a short form of Louise and Louisa meaning “famous battle”) and Anna (grace, favor); it’s also a Hawaiian female name meaning “content, at ease” and “to be at leisure”. It was used for a Polynesian character in the 1932 movie Birds…


Nalu is a Hawaiian word meaning “wave” and “surf” though as a verb it also means “to make waves” or “to ponder, speculate, meditate”. I’m not sure if it’s used as a given name by native Hawaiians but it can be used as part of a compound name such as Kainalu meaning “sea wave”. Origin: Hawaiian  


Lokelani is a Hawaiian female name meaning “rose flower” or “heavenly rose” from Hawaiian loke (rose) and lani (heavens, sky, royal, majesty). Roselani is an older form of the name. Origin: Hawaiian Variants: Roselani (Hawaiian)  


Naia has several possible meanings: Naia is a Basque female name meaning “wave, sea foam”; It may also be derived from the Naiads, water nymphs who typically inhabit fountains, streams, or any fresh water. The name comes from Ancient Greek nā́ō meaning “to flow” or nâma “running water”, both derived from Proto-Indo-European *(s)neh₂- (to swim, to float); Spelled Nai’a, it’s a Hawaiian word…