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Daciana (pr. da-chi-ana; Forvo) is a Romanian female name, derived from Dacia, which was the old Roman name for the region which is now Romania and Moldova. The name came from the name of a tribe that lived there, called the Dacians (known as the Daci to the Romans and the Geta/Getae by the Greeks), who were a Thracian… Continue reading Daciana

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Apollo is the Greek god of prophecy, medicine, the sun, light, music, poetry, plague and disease, and one of the most important gods in both the Greek and Roman pantheon. He is the twin brother of Artemis and often associated with the sun (and Artemis the moon), and the son of Zeus and Leto. His… Continue reading Apollo

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Julian is the English form of Iulianus (or Julianus), an Ancient Roman family name meaning "belonging to Julius", Julius a name of uncertain meaning though it could possibly be derived from Greek ioulos meaning "downy-bearded", implying someone who was youthful, though it could also be related to Iovis, the older form of Latin Iuppiter (Jupiter), the name of the chief god… Continue reading Julian

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Juliet is the English form of either Juliette, a French diminutive of Julie, or Giulietta, the Italian diminutive of Giulia. Both names are ultimately derived from Julia, the feminine form of Julius, an Ancient Roman name of uncertain meaning though it’s been linked to Greek ioulos (downy-bearded) or it could be related to Jupiter, the name of the Roman god derived from Indo-European *Dyeu-Pater meaning… Continue reading Juliet

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Gillian is the Medieval feminine form of Julian, which comes from the Roman family name Julius which is either possibly derived from Latin ioulos meaning "downy-bearded" or it could be related to the Roman god Jupiter, which is made up of Indo-European *Dyeu-pater, dyeus meaning "shine" or "sky" and pater meaning "father". Gillian is also a surname, the Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Gileáin meaning… Continue reading Gillian