Kyra is a female given name with several possible meanings depending on where it derives from. It could be a variant spelling of Kira, which is a variant spelling of Irish Ciara, the feminine form of Ciar meaning “black, dark” derived from a PIE root word; Kira is also the Russian feminine form of Cyrus, the Latinized form of Ancient Greek Kyros,…


Ciro (pr. chee-ro in Italian, cee-ro in Latin American Spanish) is the Italian and Spanish form of Cyrus, the Latinized form of Ancient Greek Kyros, the Greek form of Persian Kurush of unknown meaning and origin. Several possible meanings have been listed for it, however, such as “far-sighted”, “young”, “sun”, “hero”, “one who bestows care”, and “humiliator of the…


Saffron is a female given name which comes from the name of a spice which is derived from the flower Crocus sativus (or saffron crocus). The name comes from Old French safran derived from Arabic za’faran which may be derived from Persian possibly meaning “golden leaves”. It’s also the name of a yellow-orange color. Origin: Persian Variants: Safran (Turkish)  


Xerxes (pr. zurk-seez) is the Greek form of Persian Khshayarsha meaning “ruler over heroes” or “ruler among kings” or even “hero among heroes”. Origin: Old Persian Variants: Khshayarsha (Ancient Persian) Khashayar (Persian) Ahasuerus (Hebrew)