Corrigan comes from an Irish surname, an anglicized form of Ó Corragáin meaning “descendant of Corragán”, the later made up of Irish corr meaning “pointed” (such as in reference to a spear or a lance) and the diminutive suffix -an. Spelled Korrigan, it becomes a creature in Breton folklore, a fairy or dwarf-like creature; Korrigan means “little dwarf” made up…


Kelan is an Irish male name, the anglicized form of Caolán made up from Gaelic caol meaning “slender, thin; narrow” combined with a diminutive suffix -an. Origin: Proto-Celtic Variants: Kellan (Irish, English) Caolán (Irish) Caelan (English) Kaelan (English) Kaolin (English)  


Fionnuala is the name of a figure in Irish mythology, the daughter of King Lir and the sister of Aodh, Fiachra, and Conn. She and her brothers were changed into swans by their stepmother Aoife, a curse that lasted for 900 years. The name is made up from Irish elements finn (fair, white) and guala (shoulder) meaning “fair shoulder” or “fair-shouldered”….


Wanda is a female given name of uncertain origin. It could have derived from Wend, the name of a Germanic tribe.  Though the etymology of the name is uncertain, it has been linked to Germanic *wandern meaning “to wander” deriving from Proto-Germanic *windaną meaning “to wind, to wrap” from Proto-Indo-European *wendʰ- (to wind, to turn). I’ve also seen it linked to Proto-Celtic…


Angharad is a Welsh female name meaning “more love” or “much loved (one”) and features in The Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh tales, the name of several figures in Welsh myth, including Angharad Golden-Hand, the lover of Peredur. Origin: Proto-Celtic  


Bryce is an English male name, a variant spelling of Brice which comes from Latin Bricius which seems to be an anglicized form of a Gaulish name meaning “speckled, mottled” derived from Proto-Celtic *brikkos (speckled). Bryce is also a surname originating from the given name, though as a Welsh surname it could be an anglicized form of ap Rhys meaning “son…


Penn comes from an English surname, a habitational name for someone who came from a place called Penn, which seems to be derived from a Proto-Celtic source meaning “head; chief” though I’ve also seen it listed as possibly meaning “hill”. It could also be derived from an occupational name for someone who was either a…


Gwydion is a Welsh male name meaning “born of trees”, a modern form of Guidgen, made up from Welsh gwŷdd (trees; plough) which comes from Proto-Brythonic *gwɨð (wood, trees) derived form Proto-Celtic *widus (wood, trees), a cognate with Proto-Germanic *widuz (wood); and Proto-Celtic *genos (family, clan; birth) derived from a PIE root word. In Welsh mythology, Gwydion is a hero and a trickster as well as…


Lilwen is a Welsh female name meaning “lily white” or “white lily” or “fair/blessed lily”, made up of Welsh elements lili (lily) and gwen (white, fair, blessed). Origin: Egyptian, Proto-Celtic Variants: Lilwenn (Breton)