Maisie originated as a Scottish diminutive of Margaret, an English female name which comes from Ancient Greek margarítēs meaning “pearl”, which derives from Sanskrit manyari. Origin: Sanskrit Variants: Maisy (English) Maizy (English) Maizie (English) Maizee (English) Maisee (English)  


Avan is a Persian unisex name, a variant of Aban meaning “water” from Persian âb (water). Aban is also the name of the eighth month of the Persian calendar based on a solar calendar. Avan is also an Indian male name meaning “earth”, which would make it a masculine form of Avani. Avan is also a Tamil word…


Meg is a medieval diminutive of Margaret, as well as a nickname for Megan, both of which derive from Ancient Greek margarítēs meaning “pearl” ultimately derived from Sanskrit manyari. Meg could also be used as a nickname for names beginning with Meg such as Megaera or Megawati. Origin: Sanskrit Variants: Meggie (English)  


Melati is an Indonesian and Malay female name meaning “jasmine” which derives from Sanskrit malati मालती. Origin: Sanskrit  


Anila is an Indian female name, the feminine form of Anil meaning “air, wind” derived from Sanskrit anila अनिल. In Hindu mythology, Anil is another name for the Hindu god of the wind, Vayu. Origin: Sanskrit Variants: Aneela (Hindi, Indian)   Male forms: Anil (Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Nepali) Aneel (Hindi, Indian)  


Samar is an Arabic female name meaning “evening conversation” or “companion in evening talk”, derived from Arabic root س م ر‎ s-m-r (to stay awake; to speak at night). Samar is also a Hindu male name meaning “battle”, “war” derived from Sanskrit samara समर. Samar is also a surname originating from the given name. Origin: Arabic, Sanskrit Variants: Samira (Arabic,…


Sheila is an Irish female name, an anglicized form of Síle, the Irish form of Cecilia which comes from Latin Caecilia which is the feminine form of Caecilius, an Ancient Roman family name which comes from Latin caecus meaning “blind; hidden, invisible” via Proto-Italic *kaikos (blind) which derives from PIE *káykos (one-eyed, blind). Sheila could also be a variant spelling of Sheela, an Indian female name meaning…


Meggie is a diminutive form of Margaret or Megan, both of which derive from Ancient Greek margarítēs meaning “pearl” ultimately derived from Sanskrit manyari. Origin: Sanskrit Variants: Meggy (English) Megan (Welsh, English) Meghan (English) Meaghan (English) Meagan (English) Maegan (English) Maeghan (English) Margaret (English) Marjorie (English) Marjory (English) Margery (English) Margarita (Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Late Roman, Greek) Margarid (Armenian)…


Mira is an Indian female name (also spelled Meera). I’ve seen several source list it as meaning “sea, ocean” but I’ve also seen it listed as meaning “prosperous, wealthy, highborn” or “limit, boundary”. Mirabai (or Meera Bai) was a 15th century Hindu princess and poetess who was devoted to the Hindu god Krishna; bai seems to be a feminine…