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Avan is a Persian unisex name, a variant of Aban meaning "water" from Persian âb (water). Aban is also the name of the eighth month of the Persian calendar based on a solar calendar. Avan is also an Indian male name meaning "earth", which would make it a masculine form of Avani. Avan is also a Tamil word… Continue reading Avan

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Pavo is a Latin word meaning "peacock" via Ancient Greek taos (peacock) which derives from an unknown origin though perhaps from Tamil. It’s also possible that it is onomatopoeic, deriving from Latin paupulo. Pavo is also the Croatian short form of Pavao, the Croatian form of Paul meaning "small" or "humble" via Latin paulus (little, small) which derives from a PIE root word, *peh₂w- (few, little). Pavo… Continue reading Pavo

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Poe comes from an English surname, a variant of Peacock meaning "peacock", originating as a nickname for someone who was vain or a dandy. It derives from Latin pavo (peacock) via Ancient Greek taos (peacock) which derives from an unknown origin though perhaps from Tamil. It's also possible that it is onomatopoeic, deriving from Latin paupulo; combined with Old… Continue reading Poe

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Alvaro is the Italian form of Alvar which comes from Old Norse Alfarr meaning "elf warrior" or "elf army"  from Old Norse elements alfr (elf) and arr (warrior) or herr (army). Alvaro is also a Spanish and Portuguese surname derived from the given name. Álvaro is also a Spanish and Portuguese name, which could be derived Alfarr, but could also possibly be derived from a Visigothic name… Continue reading Alvaro

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Ginger is name of a flower and spice which comes from Old English gingifer (influenced by Old French gingembre) derived from Latin zingiberi from Ancient Greek zingíberis from Prakrit (Middle Indic) singabera derived from Sanskrit srngaveram meaning "horn body" from srngram (horn) and vera (body), though it may also be derived from an Old Tamil word inchi-ver meaning "ginger root"; it may also be a nickname for Virginia, the feminine form of an Ancient… Continue reading Ginger

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Ula is a diminutive of Urszula, the Polish form of Ursula meaning "little bear", itself a diminutive of ursa meaning "she-bear". It could also be a short form of Ulalume, the name of a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe which seems to have been based on Latin ululare meaning "to wail" or lumen meaning "light". An ula is also a poetic device used… Continue reading Ula