Gyula is a Hungarian male name derived from the Hungarian royal title. Though the origin of the name is uncertain, it seems likely that it stems from a Turkic origin of unknown meaning. Apparently the title of gyula was one of two titles that co-ruled, a form of dual kingship. The gyula dealt primarily with … Continue reading Gyula



Tamerlane is the westernized form of Timur which comes from Proto-Turkic temür meaning "iron". Timur was a Turkic-Mongol emperor who was known as Timur the Lame by Europeans, which became Tamerlane, because of wounds sustained by arrows that struck his right leg and hand which gave him crippling injuries. Origin: Proto-Turkic Variants: Tamerlan Timur (Tatar, Chechen, Kazakh, Uzbek, Russian, … Continue reading Tamerlane


Tomyris is a name of uncertain etymology. It's the Hellenized form of Tahm-Rayiš, the name of a Massagetae queen (the Massegetaens being an ancient Eastern Iranian nomadic tribe in Central Asia in what is now parts of modern day Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, western Uzekistan, and southern Kazakhstan). Although the name is of uncertain etymology, since the original language … Continue reading Tomyris