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Aya is a female given name which has several possible origins. The first is that it's an Arabic name, a variant transcription of Ayah meaning "sign, token" and "verse" (such as the verses in the Quran), which derives from a Proto-Semitic root. Aya is also a Hebrew female name meaning "honey buzzard" though I've seen some sources… Continue reading Aya

A names, Female, Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Turkic, Virtues/Attributes


Ada is a female given name, a short form of names beginning with Germanic element adal meaning "noble" such as Adelaide (meaning "noble kind"). Ada could also be variant spelling of Adah which is a Hebrew female name meaning "ornament". Ada is also a Turkish word and female name meaning "island". Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Hebrew, Proto-Turkic Variants: Adah (Hebrew, English)  … Continue reading Ada