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Ashur is the name of the chief god in the Assyrian pantheon, as well as being the patron deity of the city of Ashur (also spelled Aššur), which was named after him. He was later equated with the Sumerian god Enlil. Ashur seems to be derived from Anshar, an Akkadian sky god, since Anshur has been equated with Ashur. Anshar means "whole of… Continue reading Ashur

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Pamela was first invented by English poet Sir Philip Sidney in the 16th century. He may have based it on Greek elements pan meaning "all, whole", the nominative singular form of pâs, and meli "honey; anything sweet", essentially meaning "all sweetness". Nicknames: Pam, Pammy/Pammie, Mela Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Pamelia (English) Pamella (English) Pamila (English)  

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Elodie is an anglicized form of Élodie, the French form of Alodia, which comes from an Gothic name of uncertain meaning though it could be made up from Proto Germanic elements *aljaz (other, another, else) or Proto-Germanic *allaz (all) combined with *audaz (wealth, riches). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Élodie (French) Elodia (Spanish) Alodia (Gothic, Ancient Germanic, Spanish) Alodie (Medieval French)  

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Elvira (pr. el-vye-ra or el-vee-ra though I prefer the former pronounciation) is a female given name, the Spanish form of a Visigothic name of uncertain meaning. Some possible meanings listed for it are: "all true" from Germanic elements ala (all) and wer (true); it could also be made up from Proto-Germanic *alja (other, foreign) and wer (true); it could be a variant of Guilvira, an Old… Continue reading Elvira

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Pan is the name of a Greek god of the wild, nature, shepherds, and flocks, depicted as a man with the horns, legs, and tail of a goat, and who often played the pan-pipes. His name is somewhat tricky to pin down- it may be related to Greek pan meaning "all"; it could mean "shepherd" or it… Continue reading Pan

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Pandora is a Greek female name meaning "all gifts", "all-giving" or "all-gifted" from Greek elements pan (all) and doron (gift). In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman created by the Greek gods from the earth, who each gave her a gift: needlework and weaving; grace and cunning, a cunning nature, and curiosity. She was created specifically to… Continue reading Pandora