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Tiana is a female given name, a shortened form of Tatiana (the feminine form of Tatianus, an Ancient Roman name which is a derivative of Tatius, a Roman family name of unknown meaning though it could be of Sabine origin. I’ve seen a few possible meanings attached to it such as Latin tata meaning “daddy”, a term used by children; or that… Continue reading Tiana

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Ames comes from an English surname, originating from the Medieval English and French given name Amis which comes from Latin amicus meaning "friend, friendly; amicable" which itself derives from Latin amare (to love) derived from a PIE root word. It seems to have originated as a nickname for someone who was friendly or well-liked. As a German surname it… Continue reading Ames

A names, Emotion/Feelings, Female, Love/Beloved, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Amanda is the feminine form of Amandus meaning "lovable, worthy to be loved" which ultimately derives from Latin amare (to love) which could be derived from a PIE root word. Nicknames: Manda, Mandy/Mandie/Mandi, Amy Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Ammanda (English) Amandine (French) Amandina (Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, Gascon, English) Amandette (English)   Male forms: Amandus (Late Roman) Amando (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian) Amand… Continue reading Amanda