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Miltiades is an Ancient Greek male name, belonging to several men in history, including an Athenian general responsible for the defeat of the Persians in the Battle of Marathon. It comes from Ancient Greek miltos meaning "red earth" (which seems to be derived from a pre-Greek origin) combined with the patronymic suffix ides. The name is pronounced as mil-ty-a-dis,… Continue reading Miltiades

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Charis is the singular form of Charites, also known as the Graces in Roman myth, who are the goddesses of grace, beauty, charm, human creativity, mirth, joy, dance, and song. Though there are traditionally three goddesses presented as the Charites (Aglaia, goddess beauty, glory, and adornment; Euphrosyne, goddess of mirth good cheer, glory, and merriment; and Thalia, goddess of festivity… Continue reading Charis

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Daedalus is the name of a brilliant inventor in Greek mythology, responsible for designing the labyrinth of the Minotaur for King Minos, as well as constructing an artificial cow so that Minos's wife, Pasiphae, could mate with it, resulting in the birth of the Minotaur. Later, in order to escape from King Minos, Daedalus created wings for… Continue reading Daedalus

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Anthy is a variant spelling of Anthe, an Ancient Greek female name meaning "bloom, blossom" derived from Ancient Greek anthos (blossom). Anthe is the name of a nymph in Greek mythology, one of the Alcyonides, the seven daughter of the giant Alcyoneus. When their father was killed by Hercules they threw themselves into the sea and were transformed into halcyons… Continue reading Anthy

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Aura is the name of a Titan in Greek mythology, who personified the breeze and fresh cool air of the early morning. Her name, fittingly, means "breeze, cool wind". The Aurae is the plural form of Aura, referring to the nymphs of the breezes. As an English word, aura is used to refer to distinctive quality… Continue reading Aura

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Aras is a Lithuanian male which comes from the Lithuanian word meaning "eagle". I've also seen Aras listed as being a Kurdish, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu male name meaning "equal, balanced" which seems to be derived from the name of a river that runs from Turkey to Armenia, Iran, and Azerbaijan. However, according to Armenian tradition, the… Continue reading Aras

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Tethys is the name of a Titan in Greek mythology, the personification of fresh water, and the wife of Oceanus, a Titan who was also the personification of the ocean. She gave birth to all the gods and nymphs of rivers and streams, fountains and lakes. It may be derived from Ancient Greek tethe meaning "grandmother" derived from… Continue reading Tethys

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Oceanus is the name of a Titan, believed to be the personification of an entire river that encircled the world, as believed by the Ancient Greeks. The etymology of the name is uncertain, possibly derived from a pre-Greek origin, though the name ocean has been adopted into the English language referring to a large body of… Continue reading Oceanus

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Alpha comes from the first letter of the Greek alphabet, which derives from Hebrew and Phoenician aleph meaning "ox, oxen", perhaps because the hieroglyph resembled that of an ox's head. Alpha is also used to describe the beginning of something, or used to describe a leader or someone who is assertive and dominant, as well as used to… Continue reading Alpha

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Cedar is the name of several different coniferous trees that grow in different parts of the world, belonging to the genus Cedrus. The name comes from Old French cedre via Latin cedrus which comes from Ancient Greek kedros (referring to several species of tree in genus Juniperus or trees similar to it) which derives from an unknown origin, perhaps from… Continue reading Cedar