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Piroska (pr. pee-rosh-ka; Forvo) is a Hungarian female name, the Hungarian form of Latin Prisca, the feminine form of Priscus, an Ancient Roman cognomen  meaning “old, ancient” derived from PIE *per (around; through). The name could also have been influenced by Hungarian piros meaning "red" and diminutive suffix -ka essentially meaning "little red". Piroska is the Hungarian name for "Little Red Riding Hood". Nicknames:… Continue reading Piroska

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Sissy is used as a nickname for names like Elizabeth (meaning "my God is an oath" or "my God is abundance" from Hebrew 'Elisheva) , Cecilia/Cecelia (which comes from a Roman family name via Latin caecus meaning "blind"), Priscilla (which also comes from an Ancient Roman cognomen meaning "old, ancient") and Frances (which comes from Late Latin Franciscus meaning “Frenchman” which… Continue reading Sissy

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Priscilla originated as a diminutive form of Prisca, the feminine form of Priscus, an Ancient Roman cognomen  meaning "old, ancient" derived from PIE *per (around; through). Nicknames: Pris, Prissy, Sissy, Cilla Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Priscille (French) Pricilla (English) Prisilla (English) Priscila (Spanish, Portuguese) Priskilla (Biblical Greek) Piroska (Hungarian form of Prisca) Prisca (Ancient Roman, Dutch, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek)… Continue reading Priscilla

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Shannon is the name of a river in Ireland, the anglicized form of Sionainn, which may be related to Old Irish sen meaning "old, ancient" or it may mean "wise river" from Old Irish sen (wise) and abhainn (river). It may have derived its name after a goddess named Sionnan who went to the river in order to find the well where the Salmon of… Continue reading Shannon

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Kenan (pr. kee-nan) is a Hebrew male name possibly meaning "possession" in Hebrew, though it's possible that it comes from the same root word as Cain either derived from a Hebrew root word qanah meaning "acquired" or "acquisition", or from qayin meaning "spear" or "smith". Kenan might also possibly be an anglicized spelling of Cianán, an Irish male diminutive of Cían meaning… Continue reading Kenan