Sagitarria is the feminine form of Sagitarrius, the name of a constellation as well as being the ninth sign of the zodiac. In Greek mythology, Sagitarrius is represented as a centaur, usually the centaur Chiron who trained many heroes in Greek mythology including Hercules, Jason, and Perseus. The name comes from Latin sagitarrius meaning "archer" made up from sagitta (arrow) which seems to be derived from a…



Archie is often used as a short form of Archibald, a Scottish and English male name meaning "genuine, precious + bold" made up from Germanic elements *erknaz (pure, holy, genuine, precious) and *balþaz (bold, strong). Archie could also be used as a nickname for Archana, an Indian female name meaning "honoring, praising" or even Archer.  Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Sanskrit Variants: Archy (English) Archibald (Scottish,…


Archer comes from an English surname originally an occupational name for an archer or bowman which comes from Old French archier (archer) via Latin arcuarius (bow) via arcus (bow; arc) derived from a PIE root word. Nicknames: Archie, Arch Origin: Proto-Indo-European