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Levon is the Armenian form of Leon, a Greek male name meaning "lion". It's also a surname derived from the given name. Origin: Ancient Greek Variants: Leon (English, German, Polish, Slovene, Croatian, Dutch, Ancient Greek) Leontios (Ancient Greek) Leontius (Latinized Ancient Greek) Leo (Latin, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Croatian)  

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Origin: Hebrew Meaning: a male name meaning "God is my judge". As well as being a given name, Daniel is also a surname from the same source. Nicknames include Danny/Dannie/Danni and Dan. Variants: Danilo (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovene, Serbian, Croatian) Daniele (Italian) Danijel (Slovene, Croatian, Serbian) Danyal (Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Turkish) Taniel (Armenian) Danel (Basque)… Continue reading Daniel