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Arabel seems to be a shortened form of Arabella, an English and Scottish female name of uncertain origin. It may be derived from Latin orabilis meaning "yielding to prayer" from Latin orare (to pray, beg; to orate) derived from a PIE root word. It's also possible that Arabella is a variant of Annabella, a variant of Annabel which is a variant form of Amabel,… Continue reading Arabel

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Declan is an Irish male name, the anglicized form of Deaglán. The meaning behind the name is unknown though I've seen several sites list it as meaning either "full of goodness" or "man of prayer". Whether those are true or not I couldn't confirm. Origin: Irish Variants: Deklan (English) Deklyn (English) Deaglán (Irish) Deaglan (English) Deckland (English)… Continue reading Declan

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Silas is a contracted form of Silvanus, a Roman cognomen meaning "wood, forest; orchard, grove" derived from a PIE root word. In Roman mythology, Silvanus is the name of a god of the forest. It's also possible that Silas may be the Ancient Greek form of an Aramaic form of Hebrew Saul meaning "asked for, prayed for". Silas is also… Continue reading Silas