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Melior is a female given name, a variant form of Meliora, which could come from Latin meliora meaning "ever better" or "always better", the neuter plural form of Latin melior meaning "better" derived from PIE root word *mel- (strong, great). It's also possible that the name is a corruption of Breton meler meaning "honey-maker" which derives from Latin mel (honey) via PIE root *mélit (honey). Melior… Continue reading Melior

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Melora is a female given name of uncertain origin and meaning though there are several possible theories to its origin: it could be a variant of Meliora, itself a plural form of melior, a Latin word meaning "better" which derives from PIE root word *mel- (strong, better); Melora may also be related to Latin mel or Ancient Greek méli, both meaning "honey"… Continue reading Melora