Natalie is the French form of Nataliaa Late Roman name meaning “birth” or “birthday” though the name is often associated with Christmas Day because of the expression natale domini (the birth of the Lord).

Origin: Latin


  • Natalee (English)
  • Natalia (Polish, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Georgian, Late Roman)
  • Nathalie (German, French)
  • Natalija (Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian)
  • Natália (Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovak)
  • Natālija (Latvian)
  • Nataša (Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian)
  • Natalya (Russian)
  • Natasha (Russian, English)
  • Natacha (French, Portuguese)
  • Nataliya (Russian, Ukrainian)


Male forms:

  • Natale (Italian)
  • Natalio (Spanish)
  • Natalius (Late Roman)