Gentiana is the name of a genus of flowering plants, as well as also being the strictly feminine form of Gentian, derived from the given name Gentius which seems to have gotten its name from an Illyrian king supposedly because he discovered the medicinal properties of the plant. Though the etymology is uncertain, it could be derived from Latin gens meaning “tribe, people, kin, family” from Proto-Indo-European *genh- meaning “to produce, to beget, to give birth”. Though Gentian is a male name in Albania with Gentiana being its feminine form, in the English-speaking world Gentian could be used as a unisex name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-Eurpean


  • Gentian (Albanian, English)
  • Gentien (French)
  • Gentius (Illyrian, Latin)


Female forms:

  • Gentienne (French)
  • Gentian (English)