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Zoya is the Russian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian form of Zoe, a Greek female name meaning “life”, derived from PIE root word *gʷeyh₃- (to live). Zoya also seems to have had some use in Hindi and Arabic, either an Arabic form of Zoe or perhaps related to Zahra meaning "to shine, glow; radiant, brilliant" or "flower, blossom" Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Arabic Variants: Zoja (Latvian,… Continue reading Zoya

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Aglaonice (pr. a-glay-o-NI-see or a-glay-o-NIE-kee) is an Ancient Greek female name meaning "splendid victory" or "bright victory" made up from Ancient Greek elements aglaos (brilliant, shining; splendid, shining) and nike (victory). There was a female astronomer named Aglaonice who lived in either the 1st or 2nd century BCE and was well-known during her time, believed to be the first recorded female astronomer. She… Continue reading Aglaonice

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Senna is the name of a genus of flowering plants. The etymology derives from Arabic senna (سنا) which may be derived from ṣanʿā meaning "splendor, radiance, brilliance". Senna is also a surname with various possible meanings and origins: it could be derived from a habitional name for someone who lived near a place where senna grew or perhaps derived… Continue reading Senna