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Brooke comes from an English surname, a variant spelling of Brook, a locational name for someone who lived near a brook or stream. The word comes from Old English brōc (brook, stream) via Proto-Germanic *brōkaz (brook, stream; marsh), of uncertain origin though which may be derived from a PIE root word. Origin: Proto-Germanic Variants: Brook (English)   Male forms:… Continue reading Brooke

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Brock comes from an English surname with several possible meanings: the first is that it comes from Old English broc (badger) which comes from Proto-Celtic *brokkos (badger), likely originating as a nickname for someone who either resembled a badger or had a personality similar to it; it may also be derived from Old French broque or brocke meaning "young stag", likely… Continue reading Brock

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Jenifry is a Cornish female name, the Cornish form of Welsh Gwenfrewi. It's made up of Welsh elements gwen (white, fair, blessed) and frewi (reconciliation, peace)  though it's possible the latter element could derived from Welsh ffrwd (brook, stream) so the name essentially means "blessed/fair peace" or "blessed/fair brook". Nicknames: Jen, Jenny Origin: Proto-Celtic, Proto-Indo-European Variants: Gwenfrewi (Welsh) Winifry (Welsh,… Continue reading Jenifry

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Rio has two separate origins and meanings. The first is that it is a Spanish and Portuguese word and place name meaning "river" derived from Latin rivus (brook, small stream) which comes from Proto-Indo-European *h₃er- (to flow, to move). It's also a Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian surname derived from the given name referring to someone who lived near… Continue reading Rio

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Winifry could be a variant form of Winifred, the anglicized form of Welsh given name Gwenfrewi. The first part of the name comes from Welsh gwen meaning "fair, blessed, white" while the second element frewi might mean "reconciliation, peace" so Winifry essentially means "fair peace" or "blessed peace"; it's also possible that the second element may be derived from Welsh ffrwd meaning "brook, stream". However,… Continue reading Winifry

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Beck is an English surname derived from German surname Bach meaning "brook, stream", a cognate of Old Norse bekkr (stream, brook). It could also be a short form of Becker, another Germanic surname meaning "baker". Beck could also be a short form of Beckett, another English surname that comes from the same source as Bach. It also comes from Middle… Continue reading Beck