Shinichi is a Japanese male name with various meanings depending on the kanji used, such as: 真一 “true, reality + one”, 信一 “trust, faith, belief + one”, 伸一 “extend, lengthen + one”, 進一 “advance, progress, move on + one”, 新一 “new + one”, 慎一 “careful, prudent, humility + one”, 晋一 “to proceed, advance + one”, 紳一 “gentleman + one”, 鎮一 “tranquil, calm + one”, 愼一 “care, cautious + one”, and likely other meanings.

Origin: Japanese


  • Shin’ichi



Origin: Latin

Meaning: the name comes from Latin serenus meaning “clear, tranquil, serene”.

As well as being a female given name, Serena is also an Italian and Catalan surname which comes from the same source.


  • Serene (English)
  • Serenity (English)


Male forms:

  • Serenus (Latin)
  • Serene (English)