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Cooper comes from an English surname, an occupational name for someone who made or repaired barrels, tubs, buckets, casks, etc. It's made from English coop via Old English cȳpe (basket, cask), a cognate of Middle Dutch and German kuper (cooper) which may be derived from Latin cupa (tub, cask, vat) via a PIE root word. Nicknames: Coop Origin: Proto-Indo-European… Continue reading Cooper

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Taru is a Finnish female name meaning "legend, myth, fiction, saga, epic" as well as also being an Estonian word meaning "beehive". Taru is also a Japanese word meaning either "barrel, cask" 樽 as a noun or as a verb "to be enough, to be sufficient" 足る. Taru is also a Japanese surname meaning "many; frequent; much + detain;… Continue reading Taru

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Caden comes from an Irish and Scottish surname, a short form of McCadden which is the anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cadáin meaning "son of Cadán", Cadán possibly deriving from Old Irish cath (battle, fight) with the diminutive -an suffix. Caden could also be a variant form of Cade, an English occupational surname for a cooper which comes from Old French cade (barrel, cask) via Latin cadus (bottle, jar,… Continue reading Caden

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Kade is a variant spelling of Cade, an English occupational surname for a cooper which comes from Old French cade (barrel, cask) via Latin cadus (bottle, jar, jug) from Ancient Greek káddos (pail, jar, cask, vessel for water or wine) which may be derived from a Semitic origin. Cade may also have originated as a Medieval English given name, Cada, which comes from a… Continue reading Kade

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Cadrian seems to be a modern English name, either an elaborated form of Cade, which has a variety of meanings and origins such as: being an English surname derived from a metonymic occupational surname for a cooper (someone who made and repaired barrels) which comes from Old French cade (cask, barrel); it could also be from a Medieval English given… Continue reading Cadrian