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Reijo (pr. ray-yo; Forvo) is a Finnish male name, the Finnish form of Gregory, the English form of Latinized Greek form Gregorius deriving from Greek Gregorios meaning “watchful, vigilant, alert” from Greek gregoros ultimately derived from a PIE root word. Reijo (pr. ray-jo) is also a Japanese unisex name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used (the ones with stars… Continue reading Reijo

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Kearie seems to be a variant spelling of Kyrie which comes from the Greek phrase Kyrie eleison meaning “Lord, have mercy”, Kyrie being the vocative form of Kyrios meaning “lord” or “master”. I've also seen Kearie listed as a variant of Carey  which comes from an Irish surname, Ó Ciardha, meaning “descendant of Ciardha”, the latter a given name derived from Irish ciar meaning “black” though it may… Continue reading Kearie

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Sally originated as a nickname for Sarah, a Hebrew female name meaning “lady, princess, noblewoman” which comes from Hebrew root word sarar (to rule, to be princely) from sar (chief, ruler, prince, captain, chieftain, official) which seems to be a cognate of Akkadian šarru (king). Sally is also a surname with several possible meanings: it could have originated as a variant of Sawley, the… Continue reading Sally