Jeong-ah (정아) is a Korean female name with a variety of meanings depending on the hangul used: 정 정 (靜) jeong "quiet; still, tranquil"; 정 (貞) jeong "virtuous, chaste, loyal"; 정 (晶) jeong "clear; crystal; diamond"; 정 (廷) jeong "royal court; rural court" 아 아 (兒) ah "child; 아 (雅) ah "elegant, neat, tidy"; 아 (娥) ah "good, beautiful"; There are likely other meanings …


Lucasta was first used by English poet Richard Lovelace for a poem he wrote to a woman he loved, Lucy Sacheverel. Its seems to be a contraction of Lux Casta meaning "pure light" or "chaste light". Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Lukasta (English)  


Conleth is an Irish male name, the anglicized form of Old Irish Conláed meaning "chaste fire", made up from Gaelic elements connla (pure, chase) and áed (fire) essentially meaning "pure fire" or "purifying fire". Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Conley (Irish) Conláed (Irish) Connlaodh (Irish) Conlaeth (Irish) Conlaith (Irish)