Natsu is a Japanese unisex name (as well as a word name) meaning 夏 “summer”, and is used as a name element among names like Natsuki, a unisex name with a variety of meanings such as 夏稀 (summer + rare); 夏生 (summer + life); 夏紀 (summer + chronicle); and 夏樹 (summer + wood); Natsuko, a female name meaning “summer child” with the kanji 夏子; and Natsumi, a female name meaning: 夏美 (summer + beauty), 夏実 “summer + reality, truth”, and 夏海 (summer + sea, ocean).

Natsu also has other meanings depending on the kanji used, such as 七津 (seven + haven, port, ferry, harbor); 南月 (south + moon); 名都 (name + capital, city); 和津 (harmonious + haven, port, ferry, harbor); and others.

Origin: Japanese




Madoka is a Japanese female name that has several meanings depending on the kanji used such as: 円 “circle”; 円花 “circle + flower”; 窓香 “window + fragrance, fragrant”; 万童香 “ten thousand + child + fragrant, fragrance”; 万都佳 “ten thousand + all, both; capital, city + excellent, good, beautiful”; and other meanings depending on the kanji. Madoka is also a surname used with the kanji 円 meaning “circle”.

Origin: Japanese



Adriano is the Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese form of Adrian, the English form of Latin Hadrian derived from Roman cognomen Hadrianus meaning “from Hadria” or “from Adria”, Adria being another form of the name. It referred to someone who came from the town of Hadria/Adria situated in Northern Italy. The Adriatic sea received its name from the town. Though the origin behind the name is uncertain, it could be from Illyrian adur meaning “water, sea” though it could also be from Latin atra, a neuter of atrum meaning “black city”, which comes from Proto-Indo-European root *ater (fire).

Adriano is also a Spanish and Italian surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Latin, Illyrian, Proto-Indo-European


  • Adrian (English, Romanian, Polish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian)
  • Adrien (French)
  • Hadrianus (Ancient Roman)
  • Hadrian (Roman)
  • Adrià (Catalan)
  • Adrijan (Macedonian, Croatian)
  • Jadran (Croatian, Serbian, Slovene)
  • Jadranko (Croatian, Serbian, Slovene)
  • Adriaan (Dutch)
  • Arjan (Dutch)
  • Adrianus (Dutch)
  • Adorján (Hungarian)
  • Adrián (Hungarian, Spanish)


Female forms:

  • Adriana (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, English)
  • Adrianna (Polish, English)
  • Adriana (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, English)
  • Adrianne (English)
  • Hadriana (Ancient Roman)
  • Hadria (Roman)
  • Adria (English)
  • Adrijana (Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian)
  • Jadranka (Croatian, Serbian, Slovene)
  • Adrienne (French)
  • Adrienn (Hungarian)