Reilly, Riley


Reilly comes from an Irish surname, the Anglicized form of Gaelic surname  Ó Raghallaigh meaning “descendent of Raghailleach”, the latter a name of unknown meaning. Although Riley is another spelling of name, it also has a different source, from an English place name meaning “rye clearing” composed of Old English elements ryge (rye) and leah (clearing, meadow).

Origin: Gaelic, Old English


  • Ryley
  • Rylee
  • Ryleigh
  • Rylie



Rylan is a variant form of Ryland, an English surname meaning “rye clearing” or “rye land” from Old English ryge (rye) and land (land), likely a place name referring to someone who lived near one.

Origin: Old English


  • Ryland



Leanne is an English feminine name composed of two given names: Lee, from an English surname meaning “clearing”, and Anne, the French form of Anna, the Latin form of Hebrew Hannah (or Channah) meaning “favor, grace”

Liane could also be a short form of names like Éliane (the French form of Aeliana, the feminine form of Latin family name of unknown meaning though it might be related to Latin alius (other, another) and it’s certainly been linked to Greek helios (sun) and Juliane (the French and German form of Julian from Ancient Roman name Julius of uncertain meaning though it’s been linked to Greek ioulos (downy-bearded) or related to Jupiter, the name of the Roman god derived from Indo-European *Dyeu-Pater meaning “Zeus father”, Zeus meaning “shine” or “sky”.

Liane is also the name of a vine in French from lien or lier “to bind” from Latin ligamen (bond, tie, bandage).

Origin: English, Hebrew, Greek, Latin



  • Lianne
  • Liane
  • Leann
  • Lee-Ann
  • Lee-Anne
  • Lee Ann
  • Lee Anne
  • Li-Anne