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Rami is an Arabic male name and surname meaning "archer, thrower" which comes from Arabic ramy رَمْي (throwing, flinging shooting); or it could be derived from ram (رام) meaning "to aspire,  to wish, to aim at, to dream, to be ambitious". However, ram (رام) is also a Persian word meaning "tame, meek, docile". Rami is also from Hebrew Ram (רָם)… Continue reading Rami

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Abdul-rahman is an Arabic male name meaning "servant of the merciful", made up from abdul (servant of the) and rahman (merciful, compassionate). Abdul-rahman is also a surname originating from the given name. Rahman can also be used as a given name on its own. Nicknames: Rahman Origin: Arabic Variants: Abdulrahman (Arabic) Abdul-Rahman (Arabic) Abd al-Rahman (Arabic) Abd Ar-Rahman… Continue reading Abdul-rahman

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Dara is a given name with a variety of meanings and origins: Dara is a male name in Irish which comes from dair meaning "oak" which comes from Proto-Celtic *daru deriving from a PIE root word. Dara is also an anglicized form of Dáire meaning "fruitful, fertile" and is the name of several figures in Irish mythology; it's also a… Continue reading Dara

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Hanan is a Hebrew male name meaning "gracious" from a Hebrew verb meaning "merciful, compassionate". Hanan is also an Arabic female name meaning "mercy, compassion". Hanan is also a Jewish surname derived from the given name or as a short form of names such as Elchanan or Johanan though it could also be an Arabic surname also derived… Continue reading Hanan

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Ruth is a Hebrew female name of uncertain origin though the most popular theory is that it is linked to Hebrew re'ut meaning "companion" or "friend", though other possible theories include: "refreshment", "appearance, beauty", and "pasture". Ruth may also be related to Middle English word ruthe or reuth meaning "pity, compassion", "sorrow, grief" derived from Old Norse hryggð (sorrow, grief). Ruth is also a… Continue reading Ruth