Mithian is the name of a town in Cornwall (Mydhyan in Cornish). The etymology behind it is unknown. Origin: Cornish Variants: Mithien Mithyan Methyan Methean Mydyan Midhyan Mydhyan    


Melior is a female given name, a variant form of Meliora, which could come from Latin meliora meaning “ever better” or “always better”, the neuter plural form of Latin melior meaning “better” derived from PIE root word *mel- (strong, great). It’s also possible that the name is a corruption of Breton meler meaning “honey-maker” which derives from Latin mel (honey) via PIE root *mélit (honey). Melior…


Jory is a Cornish male name, the Cornish form of George which is the English form of Ancient Greek Georgios meaning “farmer, earthworker” via georgos made up from Greek elements ge (earth) and ergon (work). As a female given name, Jory could be used as a short form of Marjory, a variant spelling of Marjorie (a Medieval English variant of Margery) which comes from Margaret via Ancient Greek margarítēs meaning “pearl” ultimately derived…


Jago is the Cornish form of Jacob or James, both of which derive from Hebrew Ya’aqov meaning “holder of the heel” or “supplanter”. Jago is also a surname originating from the given name. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Iago (Welsh, Galician, Portuguese) Yago (Spanish)  


Jenifry is a Cornish female name, the Cornish form of Welsh Gwenfrewi. It’s made up of Welsh elements gwen (white, fair, blessed) and frewi (reconciliation, peace)  though it’s possible the latter element could derived from Welsh ffrwd (brook, stream) so the name essentially means “blessed/fair peace” or “blessed/fair brook”. Nicknames: Jen, Jenny Origin: Proto-Celtic, Proto-Indo-European Variants: Gwenfrewi (Welsh) Winifry (Welsh,…


Endellion is a Cornish female name, the Cornish form of Endelienta which seems to be the Latinized form of a Celtic name of unknown meaning, Cenheidlon or Cynheiddon. It’s been linked to intensifying prefix ande- and Cornish luen “full”. Origin: Celtic Variants: Endelyn (Cornish) Endelient (Cornish) Endelyon (Cornish) Endelienta Endellienta  


Jennifer is the Cornish form of Welsh name Gwenhwyfar (from which the name Guinevere comes from) meaning “fair phantom” or “white phantom” or “white specter” from Celtic elements gwen (white, fair, blessed) and sebara (phantom, demon, spirit, specter, magical being). Nicknames include: Jen, Jenny/Jennie and Jenna Origin: Welsh Variants: Jenifer (English, Cornish) Yenifer (Spanish) Jenna (English) Gwenifer (Cornish) Guinevere (Norman French)…