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Endellion is a Cornish female name, the Cornish form of Endelienta which seems to be the Latinized form of a Celtic name of unknown meaning, Cenheidlon or Cynheiddon. It's been linked to intensifying prefix ande- and Cornish luen "full". Origin: Celtic Variants: Endelyn (Cornish) Endelient (Cornish) Endelyon (Cornish) Endelienta Endellienta  

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Jennifer is the Cornish form of Welsh name Gwenhwyfar (from which the name Guinevere comes from) meaning "fair phantom" or "white phantom" or "white specter" from Celtic elements gwen (white, fair, blessed) and sebara (phantom, demon, spirit, specter, magical being). Nicknames include: Jen, Jenny/Jennie and Jenna Origin: Welsh Variants: Jenifer (English, Cornish) Yenifer (Spanish) Jenna (English) Gwenifer (Cornish) Guinevere (Norman French)… Continue reading Jennifer