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Udo is a German male name, a modern form of Odo, an Ancient Germanic male name which started out as a short form of names beginning with the German element aud meaning “wealth, fortune” via Proto-Germanic *audaz (wealth, riches). I've also seen Udo listed as an Igbo unisex name meaning "peace" and is also the name of a place… Continue reading Udo

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Denver comes from an English surname made up from Old English Dene-fær meaning "Dane's crossing" from Dene (Dane) which comes from Proto-Germanic *daniz (a Dane) of unknown etymology though it's possible that it derives from PIE *dʰenh₂- (to set in motion, to flow); and fær (journey; crossing, passage) via Proto-Germanic*faraną (to go, to travel) also derived from a PIE root word. It… Continue reading Denver