Delyth is a Welsh female name, an elaborated form of del meaning “pretty”. Origin: Welsh  


Duana (pr. doo-ah-na or doo-wain-a) is the feminine form of Duane, itself an anglicized form of Irish surname Ó Dubhan meaning “descendant of Dubhán”, Dubhán being a diminutive of Irish dubh meaning “black, dark”, so the name essentially means “little dark one”. Duana is also a Catalan word meaning “customs” which comes from Arabic dīwān (register; collection of poetry; account; council, court) via…


Davinia is a variant of Davina which originated as a feminine form of David which means “beloved”. Nicknames: Davey, Vin, Vinny/Vinnie Origin: Hebrew Variants: Davina (English) Davena (English) Daveena (English) Davenia (English) Davida (English)   Male forms: David (English Hebrew, French, Scottish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Slovene, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Romanian Dávid…


Dorrity comes from an Irish surname, an anglicized form of O’Dochartairgh meaning “descendant of Dochartach”, the latter a male given name originally given as a nickname,  made up of do- (impossible; ill, evil) and cartach (not loving) essentially meaning “hurtful”, “obstructive”, or “stern”. Nicknames: Dorr, Dorie Origin: Proto-Indo-European    


Dutch comes from a surname, an anglicized spelling of Germanic Deutsch meaning “German”, an archaic term that was once used to refer to the German people as a whole; it’s now more commonly used to refer to the inhabitant of the Netherlands. Origin: Proto-Indo-European    


Destiny comes from an English word meaning “destiny, fate”, referring to something that is predetermined or inevitable, something that determines the course of events. The word comes from Old French destinee (fate; destiny) via Latin destinare (fasten; secure; make firm; establish) derived from a PIE root word. Although used overwhelmingly as a feminine name in the first…


Delta is the name of the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, shaped like a triangle Δ, borrowed from Phoenician 𐤃 daleth meaning “door”. Delta is also used to refer to a piece of land shaped like a triangle, formed when a river splits into smaller rivers. Origin: Phoenician  


Darla is an English female name, a variant of Darlene, made up from the English word darling meaning “beloved, favorite, cherished”, which derives from a Proto-Germanic word of unknown etymology, combined with the -lene suffix. Origin: Proto-Germanic Variants: Darlene (English) Darleen (English) Darlena (English) Darlina (English) Darlaine (English) Darlyne (English)    


Dolores is a Spanish female name meaning “sorrows”, taken from the Spanish title La Virgen María de los Dolores meaning “The Virgin Mary of Sorrows”. It comes from the Spanish word dolores (sorrows) which comes from Latin dolor (pain; anguish; sorrow) which derives from a PIE root word. Nicknames: Dolly, Lola Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Delores (English) Deloris (English) Delora (English) Dolors…


Dar is a Hebrew unisex name meaning “nacre, mother-of-pearl”, as well as also being a Hebrew surname originating from the given name. Dar دار  is also an Arabic word meaning “house”, as well as a Russian word meaning “gift”. It’s also an Indian (Kashmiri) surname (also spelled Dhar) which may have originated as a title given to a village…