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Davey is a nickname for David or its feminine form, Davina/Davinia, meaning "beloved" from Hebrew. Davey is also an English surname which derives from the given name above. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Davy (English) Davie (English) Dave (English) Davee (English) Daveigh (English)  

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Dominique is a French unisex name, the French form of Dominic which comes from Late Latin Dominicus meaning “of the Lord” via Latin dominus (master, lord, ruler) derived from PIE *demh₂- (to tame, domesticate). Dominque is also a French surname originating from the given name. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Male forms: Dominic (English) Domenic (English) Dominick (English) Dominicus (Late Latin, Dutch) Dominik (German, Czech, Slovak, Slovene,… Continue reading Dominique

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Dace is is the name of various small freshwater fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae, especially the common dace (Leuciscus leuciscus). The name comes from Middle English dace or darce via Old French dars, a nominative form of dart which is of Proto-Germanic origin *darothuz meaning "dart, spear", derived from a PIE root word and used to refer to its swiftness… Continue reading Dace

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Denise is the French feminine form of Denis, itself derived from Dionysos, the name of the Greek god of the vine, wine, pleasure, festivity, madness, and wild frenzy, who represented both the intoxicating madness of wine as well as its beneficient qualities. Although the etymology of the name isn’t quite clear-cut, the first part of the name, Dio-, means “of… Continue reading Denise

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Dylana is the feminine form of Dylan, the name of a sea-god in Welsh mythology. The name derives from Welsh dy (great) and llanw (tide, flow) so it essentially means “great tide” or “great flow”. Origin: Welsh Male forms: Dylan (Welsh, English) Dillon (English) Dillan (English)  

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Damiana is the Italian feminine form of Damian which comes from Latin Damianus via Ancient Greek Damianos meaning “to tame, subdue, control” and also “to kill”, deriving from the PIE root *demh₂- (to tame, domesticate). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Damjana (Slovene, Serbian, Macedonian) Damijana (Slovene)   Male forms: Damian (English, Polish, Dutch) Damianus (Latinized Ancient Greek) Damianos (Ancient Greek) Damien (French) Damion (English) Damon (English)… Continue reading Damiana

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Deianeira is the name of the the third wife of the hero and demi-god Heracles in Greek myth. The daughter of Oeneus, king of Calydon, she was nearly abducted by a centaur named Nessus who attempted to rape her, though she was saved by Heracles who shot him with a poisoned arrow. As he was dying, Nessus… Continue reading Deianeira

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Demelza is a Cornish female name which comes from a Cornish place name. The most popular meaning I've seen listed for it is "fort of Maeldaf" or "Maeldaf's fort", a contracted form of Dinas Maeldaf (dinas being the Cornish word for "fort") while Maeldaf is an obscure Welsh male name, the first element of the name being "prince".… Continue reading Demelza

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Daniela is the feminine form of Daniel, a Hebrew name meaning "God is my judge". Nicknames: Dani/Danni/Dannie, Ela, Ella Origin: Hebrew Variants: Daniella (English) Danielle (French, English) Danièle (French) Dana (Romanian, Czech, Slovak, German, Hebrew) Danijela (Slovene, Croatian, Serbian) Daniëlle (Dutch)   Male forms: Daniel (English, Hebrew, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Spanish,… Continue reading Daniela

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Doris is the name of a sea nymph in Greek mythology, daughter of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys, and the wife of the sea-god Nereus with whom she had the Nereids, the fifty daughters of Nereus, one of whom was Thetis, the mother of Achilles. She seems have been the goddess of fishing grounds at the mouth of rivers where fresh water mingled with sea… Continue reading Doris