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Soraya is the Persian form of Thurayya, an Arabic female name used to refer to the "Pleiades", a bright cluster of seven stars that are able to be seen with the naked eye. In Greek mythology, the Pleiades are named for the seven daughters of Pleione, a sea-nymph, and the Titan Atlas. Thurayya also means "chandelier" as well as meaning… Continue reading Soraya

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Cassius comes from an Ancient Roman family name of uncertain meaning though it may be related to Latin cassus meaning “empty, vain” derived from Proto-Indo-European *ḱes- (to cut). The name can be pronounced as either kas-see-es or cash-es. Nicknames: Cass, Cash Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Kassius (Late Roman, English) Cassian (Ancient Roman) Kassian (English) Cassianus (Ancient Roman) Cassius (Ancient Roman)   Female forms:… Continue reading Cassius

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Cassian is a shortened form of Roman family name Cassianus, a derivative of Cassius, another Roman family name of uncertain meaning though it may be related to Latin cassus meaning "empty, vain" derived from Proto-Indo-European *ḱes- (to cut). The name is either pronounced kash-an or kass-ee-an. Cassian is also a surname derived from the given name. Nicknames: Cash, Cass Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Kassian (English)… Continue reading Cassian

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Cassia is the female form of Cassius, an Ancient Roman family name possibly derived from Latin cassus meaning "empty, vain". It also means "cinnamon" in Latin and Greek, deriving from Hebrew qetzi'ah (cassia, cinnamon) (where the names Keziah comes from) from root word qatsa meaning "to cut off, strip off bark". The name is pronounced either kash-uh or kas-ee-uh. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Kassia (English,… Continue reading Cassia