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Epiphany refers to a Christian holiday that celebrates the physical manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles; it can also be used to refer to a manifestation or appearance of a deity or divine being, or could be used to describe a sudden realization or discovery into something, either personal, religious, scientific, or philosophic. The name itself comes… Continue reading Epiphany

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Theophania is an Ancient Greek female name, the feminine form of Theophanes meaning "manifestation of God" made up from Ancient Greek elements theos (god) and phanes (appearing). Nicknames: Theo, Thea Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Theofania (Greek) Tiffany (English, Medieval English) Tiffanie (English) Tiffani (English) Tiffiny (English) Theophano (Ancient Greek) Theophanu (Ancient Greek) Theophana (Ancient Greek) Tiphaine (French) Tiphanie (French) Feofaniya (Russian)  … Continue reading Theophania

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Tiffany is the medieval English form of Theophania, the feminine form of Theophanes, an Ancient Greek name meaning "manifestation of God" from Greek elements theos (god) and phanes (appearing) and was given to girls born on the Epiphany. It's also a surname originating from the given name. Origin: Ancient Greek Variants: Tiffanie (English) Tiffani (English) Tiffiny (English) Theophania (Ancient Greek) Theofania… Continue reading Tiffany