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Fallon comes from an Irish surname, the anglicized form of Ó Fallamhain meaning "descendant of Fallamhan", the latter coming from a byname meaning "leader" derived from Irish follamhnas (supremacy, rule). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Falon (English)  

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Fernald comes from a French surname which seems to be a variant of Furnell, either a  topographic or occupational name meaning "furnace" in reference to someone who either worked as an iron-worker or lived near one. It's also possible that Fernald is a variant spelling of Farnall, an English locational name meaning "fern hill" given to someone… Continue reading Fernald

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Fane is a pet-form of Ștefan, the Romanian form of Stephen, the English form of Greek Stephanos meaning “crown, wreath” and more literally “that which surrounds or encompasses” which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. The word was used in Ancient Greece for a crown of a winner in games or war. Fane is also a word in English, an archaic… Continue reading Fane

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Felice (pr. feh-lee-che; Forvo) is an Italian male name, the Italian form of Felix meaning "lucky, successful, auspicious". It also means “fruitful, fertile, prosperous”, deriving from PIE *dʰeh₁(y)- (to suckle, nurse) from which derive several derivatives such as Greek phuo “to make grow” or “to produce”, Latin fio “to become”, fecundus “fertile”, fetus “pregnant” and “offspring” and even femina “woman”. Felice (pr. feh-lee-tsa or fel-eese) is also a female given name, the German feminine form of Felix… Continue reading Felice

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Fisher comes from an English surname, an occupational name for someone who was a fisherman, though it may have also been used as a locational name for someone who lived near a fish weir on a river which comes from the Old English term fisc-gear (fish weir). As an Irish surname, Fisher was used as a translation… Continue reading Fisher

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Fortesque is a variant spelling of Fortescue, an English surname which originally derived as a nickname for a brave and valiant warrior which comes from Old French fort-escu "strong shield", made up from fort (strong, brave, powerful) via Latin fortis, fortem (strong) derived from a PIE root word; and escu (shield) via Latin scutum (shield) which also derives from a PIE root… Continue reading Fortesque

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Frisco can be used as a shortened form of Francisco, the Spanish and Portuguese form of  Francis, the English form of Late Latin Franciscus meaning “Frenchman” which is derived from the name of a Germanic tribe known as the Franks, either meaning “free” or “free man”, though it may also be derived from Proto-Germanic *frankô meaning “spear, javelin). Frisco has… Continue reading Frisco