Eka is an Indonesian unisex name meaning “one, first” via Sanskrit eka (one) from Proto-Indo-Iranian *Háykas (one) derived form PIE root word *óynos (one; single). Eka is also Georgian female name, a short form of Ekaterine, the Georgian form of Katherine, the English form of Greek Aikaterine though the etymology behind the name is not certain. It could be derived from another Greek name, Hekaterine from hekateros meaning…


Kensa is a Cornish female name which comes from a Cornish word meaning “first”. Origin: Cornish  


Primo is an Italian male name meaning “first” which comes from Latin primus (first) via Proto-Italic *priisemos (foremost, first) made up of PIE root word *preh₂- (before, in front) derived from PIE *per- (before, in front first). Primo is also a Spanish and Portuguese word meaning “cousin”. Origin: Proto-Indo-European   Variants: Primus (Latin) Primož (Slovene)   Female forms: Prima…


Pryor comes from an English surname, a variant spelling of Prior which refers to a member of the monastery ranked below an abbot, and which could have been given to those who served a prior. It comes from Latin prior meaning “former, previous; first, original” via Proto-Italic *priōs (former) which derives from a PIE root word. Prior could…


Wynonna is a variant spelling of Winona, a Dakota female given name meaning “firstborn daughter” from Winúŋna. Origin: Dakota (Native American) Variants: Winona (Native, American, Sioux, English) Wynona (English) Wenona (English) Wenonna (English) Wenonah (English)  


Princess is the feminine equivalent of Prince, referring to the daughter of a king. It comes from the same root as Prince, from Latin princeps meaning “first, foremost; chief, distinguished” made up from Proto-Italic *priisemos (first, foremost) derived from a PIE root word; and the suffix *-kaps (to take, seize) also derived from a PIE root word. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Male forms: Prince (English)  


Prince comes from the name of a royal title, referring to a male son or grandson of a king or queen. It’s also been used to refer to someone who is outstanding in a particular group or class or someone who possesses fine or admirable traits. The name comes from Latin princeps meaning “first, foremost; chief, distinguished”…


Isingoma is an African male name meaning “first of twins” in the Luganda language. It also seems to be a surname as well. Origin: African (Luganda)      


Kenji is a Japanese male name made up of Japanese elements ken with various meanings of 研 (study, sharpen), 件 (case, matter, example), 健 (strong, healthy); 伸 (to stretch, lengthen, extend); 兼 (connect, combine, concurrent); 券 (ticket, certificate); 剣 (sword); 堅 (firm, steady, hard, strict, solid); 宣 (to declare, to announce, to proclaim); 建 (build,…