Yutaka is a Japanese male name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • “bountiful; excellent; rich” ();
  • “abundant; rich; fertile” ();
  • “tenderness, gentleness; excel; surpass; actor; superiority” ();
  • “tolerent; lenient; generosity; relax; feel at home; be at ease; broadminded” ();
  • “good crops; prosperity; a number of 1028″ ();
  • “warm” ();
  • “masculine, male; hero; leader; superiority; excellence + tall; high; expensive” (雄高)
  • “peaceful; calm; easy; peace; Thailand” ()

Yutaka is also a surname written with the kanji () meaning “bountiful; excellent; rich”.

Written in hiragana it’s ゆたか (Yutaka)

Origin: Japanese