Lilinoe (pr. li-li-noh-ee) is the name of a goddess in Hawaiian mythology, the goddess of mist and rain, and the sister of Poli'ahu (goddess of snow), Waiau (goddess of lake Waiau, named after her), and Kahoupokane (goddess of the mountain Hualalei and a kapa maker). Her name means "fine mist".  Origin: Hawaiian    


Nebula is a term used in astronomy to refer to a cloud in outer space made up of gas and dust. It means "cloud" or "fog" in Latin derived from a PIE root word. Origin: Proto-Indo-European  


Kyri (pr. kee-ree or kye-ree) could be a variant spelling of Kyrie, which comes from the Greek phrase Kyrie eleison meaning "Lord, have mercy", the vocative form of Kyrios meaning "lord" or "master". It could also be another form of Kiri, a Maori female name meaning "peel", "skin" or "bark, rind" referring to the "bark of a tree" as well as an Indonesian and …