Bailey is a unisex given name which comes from an English surname with several possible meanings:

  • it’s an occupational surname meaning “bailiff”, referring to someone who was an officer of the court, similar to a sheriff or a sheriff’s deputy in charge with keeping order; it derives from Latin bāiulus (carrier, porter; manager, steward);
  • it also refers to the outermost wall of a castle which comes from Old French baille meaning “stake, palisade, brace”, perhaps derived from Latin baculum (stick, staff, scepter, rod) from Proto-Indo-European *bak- (stick);
  • it may also be a locational surname meaning “berry wood”, referring to someone who lived near such a place, from Old English beg (berry) and leah (woodland).

Origin: Latin, Proto-Indo-European


  • Bailee (English)
  • Baylee (English)
  • Baylie (English)




Origin: English, Latin

Meaning: There are two possible origins to the name. The first is that it could be a variant of litster, a Middle English word meaning “to dye” or “dye”, referring to a textile dyer.

Lester is also derived from the name of a city, Leicester; the first part of the name comes from the name of a river, Ligore, combined with Old English ceaster meaning “Roman fort” from Latin castra “camp”. The first part of the name is a little tricky though Ligore most likely came from the name of a tribe living around the area, possibly meaning “dwellers on the river Legra”


  • Lestor