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Pernell is an English surname, a variant spelling of Parnell, a matronymic name of Petronilla, a diminutive of Petronia, the feminine form of Petronius, a Roman family name of uncertain etymology though possibly derived from Latin petro, petronis meaning "rustic; yokel; young ram". Petronius has also been associated with Ancient Greek petros meaning "rock; stone" but that seems rather shaky. It seems more… Continue reading Pernell

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Rabia is an Arabic and Turkish female name which comes from two sources depending on the transliteration. The first is that it comes from Rabīʿa ربيعة meaning "spring" or Rāabiʿa رابعة meaning "fourth" from arbaʿa أَرْبَعَة (four). Origin: Arabic Variants: Raa'bia (Arabic) meaning "fourth" Rabi'a (Arabic) meaning "spring"   Male forms: Rabi (Arabic) meaning "spring"