Dorian comes from the name of an ancient Greek tribe called the Dorians. According to mythology, they got their name from their founder, Dorus, which at first glance seems related to Greek doron meaning "gift" from Proto-Indo-European *déh₃rom (gift) from the root *deh₃- (to give). However, the exact origins of the name are not uncertain. It's possible Dorian also derives from Proto-Indo-European … Continue reading Dorian



Danina is a female given name of uncertain meaning and etymology. At first glance it seems like a feminine form of Daniel meaning "God is my judge" and in some cases it may be based on that; but it also seems to have older roots than that, as the name of one of a pair of pre-Christian … Continue reading Danina


Nathan is a male name meaning "to give" or "he will give" from Hebrew Natan. It's also a surname originating from the given name. Nathan could also be a short form of Nathaniel meaning "God has given". Nicknames: Nat, Nate Origin: Hebrew Variants: Natan (Hebrew) Nosson (Yiddish)