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Sylvia is a variant spelling of Silvia, a Latin female name which is the feminine form of Silvius, a Roman cognomen meaning "wood, forest; orchard, grove" via Latin silva (wood, forest; orchard, grove) derived from Proto-Indo-European *swel-, *sel- (beam, board, frame, threshold). In Roman mythology, Rhea Silvia is the mother of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, while there’s also… Continue reading Sylvia

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Grover comes from an English surname meaning "grove of trees", originally used to refer to someone who lived near a grove which comes from Old English grāf (grove). Grover is also an Indian surname predominantly used by Hindu and Sikh communities which comes from the Indian surname Guruvara/Gorovare which comes from Sanskrit guru meaning "teacher, sage" which ultimately derives from a… Continue reading Grover