Hala is an Arabic and Persian female name meaning “halo“, likely in reference to the circle of light visible around the moon, and in some cases the sun. Hala also means “aura” in Arabic. The word seems to originate from Ancient Greek halos, itself of uncertain origin, perhaps pre-Greek. Origin: uncertain, likely pre-Greek Variants: Hale (Turkish) Hallah…


Hiba is an Arabic female name meaning “gift”. Origin: Arabic Variants: Hibah (Arabic) Heba (Arabic)   Hiba- هبة (Arabic)  


Heida is a German female name, originating as a diminutive of Adelheid which is the German and Dutch form of Adelaide meaning “noble kind, type” or “of a noble kind” made up from Germanic elements adal (noble) and  heid (kind, sort, type). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Heidi (German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, English) Heide (German)  


Hakue is a Japanese unisex name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used: haku 白 “white” + e 恵 “favor, blessing; grace; kindness” (白恵); haku 毫 “fine hair; brush” + e 衛 “defense; protection” (毫衛); haku 博 “doctor, PhD; fair, exposition; esteem; winning acclaim” + e 衛 “defense; protection” (博衛); Written in hiragana it’s はくえ.   


Hafsa is an Arabic female name which seems to have an uncertain meaning behind it. It could mean “gathering” or it could mean “little lioness”, “female lion cub”. Origin: Arabic Variants: Hafsah (Arabic) Hafza (Arabic)   Male forms: Hafs (Arabic)   Hafsa- حفصة (Arabic)  


Hildy seems to have developed as a diminutive form of Hilda which derives from Germanic element hild meaning “battle” as well as being a nickname for any name beginning with Hilde– such as Hildebrand or Hildred. Hilda is also a cogante of Old Norse Hildr, the name of a Valkyrie in Norse mythology who had the power to revive the dead. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Hilda…


Holland is the name of a region in the Netherlands divided into two provinces, North Holland and South Holland, which comes from Old Dutch holt lant meaning “wood land”. There seems to be a popular folk etymology that the name comes from hol lant meaning “hollow land” in reference to its low-lying geography, but that seems to be…


Hermia is the feminine form of Hermes, the name of the Greek god of commerce and trade, known as the trickster god and the protector of thieves, travelers, and athletes, as well as a messenger of the gods and the god of boundaries. He guided the souls of the dead to the underworld. The son of Zeus…


Honor is a virtue word name referring to something or someone who is honest, virtuous, dignified, esteemed, noble, someone with an excellent character or reputation. It comes from Latin honor which derives from an unknown source. Honor is also an English surname. Origin: Latin Variants: Honour (British English, Canadian English) Honoria (Late Roman) Honora (English, Irish) Honorata…