Yorath is a Welsh male name, the anglicized form of Iorwerth meaning “handsome lord” made up of Welsh elements iôr (lord) and berth (fair, handsome, beautiful, fine). Yorath is also a Welsh surname originating from the given name. Nicknames: Iolo (Welsh), Iolyn (Welsh) Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Iorwerth (Welsh)  


Mackenzie comes from a Scottish surname, an anglicized form of Mac Coinnich meaning “son of Coinneach”, the latter a Scottish Gaelic name meaning “handsome, fair, beautiful”. Nicknames: Mack, Mac, Kenzie/Kenzi, Kensi Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Gaelic Variants: Makenzie (English) Mckenzie (English) McKenzie (English, Scottish) MacKenzie (English, Scottish)  


Zaynab is an Arabic female name which is the name of a tree with fragrant flowers. The etymology behind the name itself is uncertain. It’s often associated with Arabic zayn زين meaning “beautiful, handsome, beauty” and “to adorn, to decorate”. I’ve seen it listed as meaning “father’s precious jewel” made up from zeenah/zína زينة “embellishment, adornment” and…


Alison is a medieval French diminutive of Aalis (Alice) which comes from Germanic Adelais, itself a short form of Adalheidis “noble kind, type” or “of a noble kind”, made up from Germanic elements adal (noble) and heid (kind, sort, type). Alison is also an English and Scottish surname with several possible meanings: it may have originated as a matronymic surname…


Beauregard comes from a French surname via a locational surname meaning “beautiful outlook” or “beautiful aspect” made up from French beau (handsome, fine, attractive) and regard (aspect, outlook, sight). Nicknames: Beau, Gard Origin: Proto-Indo-European  


Brawly comes from an English adjective coming from the word brawl meaning “a noisy quarrel or fight, usually with a large number of people involved”. Brawly is also a Scots word meaning “finely dressed, handsome” which comes from Scots braw (fine, handsome, good) which originated as a variant of brave. Origin: Proto-Indo-European  


Jamal is an Arabic male name meaning “handsome, beauty” from root (j-m-l) ج م ل (beauty). It’s also a surname deriving from the given name. Jamil is a variant form of the name which derives from the same root source; it also means “handsome, beautiful, pretty”. Origin: Arabic Variants: Jamaal (Arabic) Gamal (Egyptian Arabic) Cemal (Turkish) Dzhamal (Chechen) Jamil (Arabic)…


Bellamy comes from a French surname meaning “fair/fine friend” or “handsome/beautiful friend” which comes from French beau/belle (handsome, fine attractive) via Latin bellus (beautiful, pretty, handsome) via PIE duenos/duonos(good) which is the diminutive of *dew- (to show favor, revere); and ami (friend) via Latin amicus (friend), a derivative of amare (to love) which could be derived from a PIE root word. It likely originated as a…


Laney originally derived as a nickname for names such as Elaine (which is an Old French form of Helen, the English form of Greek Helene  an Ancient Greek name of uncertain etymology though it’s been linked to Greek helene meaning “torch” or “corposant”, though it might also be linked to selene meaning “moon”). It could also be used as a nickname for any name with…