Sunder is an Indian male name, an alternate transcription of Sundar, itself a variant of Sundara meaning “beautiful, attractive, handsome” and also “noble” from Sanskrit. In Hindu mythology it’s another name for the god Krishna. Sunder is also an Indian surname originating from the given name. Sunder is also an English word meaning “to separate, divide, sever” which…


Yao-ji is the name of a goddess in Chinese mythology, a mountain goddess of Wu Mountain. Yao-ji is also a Chinese given name with a variety of meanings depending on the characters used: yáo 瑶 “jade; mother-of-pearl” + jī 姬 “beauty; imperial concubine” (瑶姬); *female only yào 耀 “shine, dazzle, brilliant” + jī 基 “base; foundation” (耀基); yáo 姚 “handsome, elegant” + jī 基“base;…


Zayna is an Arabic female name, the feminine form of Zayn meaning “beauty, handsome, grace, adornment”. Origin: Arabic Variants: Zaina (Arabic) Zaynah (Arabic)   Male forms: Zayn (Arabic) Zain (Arabic) Zane (Arabic, English)   Zayna- زينة (Arabic)  


Fayre comes from an English surname, a variant spelling of Fair meaning “fair, beautiful” which comes from Old English fæger (beautiful, good-looking, attractive) which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. As a surname, Fair could also have been given to someone who had blond hair, or someone who was honest and unbiased. Apparently Fair was also used as a…


Kent comes from an English surname which originated as a locational name for someone who came from the name of a county in England. In Old English the name was spelled as Cent which originated from Latin Cantium, meaning “coastal district” or “corner-land, land on the edge”, derived from a Brythonic source. Kent is also used as…


Alana is the feminine form of Alan, an English male name of uncertain etymology which may possibly mean “little rock” or “noble” from Old Irish ail. It also means “beautiful, handsome” from Scottish Gaelic àlainn (beautiful, fine, splendid). Alan may also be derived from the name of a Celtic god, Alaunus, which may be derived from Proto-Celtic *aleti meaning “to nourish, grow” from Proto-Indo-European…


Jamil is an Arabic male name meaning “beautiful; handsome” and is also an Arabic surname originating from the given name. It derives from the same source as Jamal. Origin: Arabic Variants: Jameel (Arabic) Gamil (Egyptian Arabic) Gameel (Egyptian Arabic) Cemil (Turkish)   Female forms: Jamila (Arabic) Jameela (Arabic) Jamillah (Arabic) Gamila (Egyptian Arabic) Gameela (Egyptian Arabic)…


Iolo (pr. yo-lo) is a Welsh diminutive form of Iorwerth, a Welsh male name meaning “handsome lord” made up of Welsh elements iôr (lord) and berth (fair, handsome, beautiful, fine). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Iolyn (Welsh) Iorwerth (Welsh) Yorath (Welsh)  


Yorath is a Welsh male name, the anglicized form of Iorwerth meaning “handsome lord” made up of Welsh elements iôr (lord) and berth (fair, handsome, beautiful, fine). Yorath is also a Welsh surname originating from the given name. Nicknames: Iolo (Welsh), Iolyn (Welsh) Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Iorwerth (Welsh)  


Mackenzie comes from a Scottish surname, an anglicized form of Mac Coinnich meaning “son of Coinneach”, the latter a Scottish Gaelic name meaning “handsome, fair, beautiful”. Nicknames: Mack, Mac, Kenzie/Kenzi, Kensi Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Gaelic Variants: Makenzie (English) Mckenzie (English) McKenzie (English, Scottish) MacKenzie (English, Scottish)